10 Home Remedies That Would Prevent You From The Unpleasant Yeast Infection

The vaginal yeast infection is a type of inflammation of the vagina. Its symptoms are vaginal irritation, itching and discharge. These infections can be caused by many organisms that inhabit the healthy vagina.

The organisms like warm and moist conditions. That is why it is crucial after bathing and showering, to dry your vaginal area thoroughly.

The vaginal yeast infection or also known as vaginal candidiasis is really common.

Most of the women have experienced it. It is not considered as STD, and it can be treated by a simple treatment.

 We give you some pieces of advice how to treat yourselves at home, but have in mind that this is not recommendable if you:
  • are pregnant
  • are not sure you have yeast infection
  • have had a STD which needs a medical treatment
We hope that these 10 self-treatment advises would help you at home.
  1. Eat balanced food i.e. vegetables, grains, fruit and nonfat dairy products.
  2. Don’t use tampons when you use vaginal medicines, since they absorb them.
  3. Don’t rinse your vaginal area with soap or hygiene product that could alter the pH balance. Use water only.
  1. Don’t get into sexual intercourse, especially if it is painful for you.
  2. Always make sure you have dried your vaginal area after bathing.
  3. Avoid wearing underwear which is not from cotton.
  4. Use yoghurt. It is an incredible remedy for the yeast infection. And not only drinking it, but inserting 1 or 2 spoons into the vagina or applying it to the affected area.
  5. Eat garlic. Two fresh cloves daily may prevent the yeast infection.
  6. Don’t douche frequently. It increases the risk for yeast infection.
  7. Wear loose pants instead of tight jeans.

However, you need to be sure if you really have a yeast infection, because you may have some other infection which requires other treatment.

If you find yourself having a strange discharge, frothy, yellowish or any kind which is not normal, make sure you go to the doctor.