10 Healthy Reasons Why You Should Eat a Tangerine Often

You know that little orange fruit that looks like an orange except it is not? Yes, a tangerine. The tangerine is a type of Mandarin oranges. They are smaller than oranges and can be peeled easily.

It has low calories, it is nutritious and is so rich of Vitamin C and beta carotene. It has a bit stronger taste than the oranges and sweeter.

So, all in all it is really healthy. And we have ….. facts to prove you that.
  1. They are rich antioxidants
  2. They heal wounds
  3. They improve digestion
  4. They stop the absorption of cholesterol
  5. They absorb the iron from the food
  6. They fight against arthritis
  7. They ease the movements in the bowel
  8. They treat skin problems, because they are full with Vitamin A.
  9. They reduce hair loss, because of Vitamin B12
  10. It is good for facial masks.

This little orange is full of Vitamins. Starting with Vitamin C which helps in synthesizing collagen, improves the skin, bones and teeth; then Vitamin A, from which the orange color comes helps your sight and your immune system in general and Vitamin B.

It was also reported that tangerines help in the prevention against diabetes and heart attack. This is because of the pigment found in the tangerine peel called nobiletin.

What they also contain and it is worth mentioning is folate which helps in maintaining the cells healthy so that it builds DNA and RNA, and this vitamin is extremely important during pregnancy and infancy.  It is also crucial for producing red blood cells in the organism.

Another mineral found in tangerines is Potassium which if important for the muscles, bones, nerves, kidneys and definitely lowers the risk of stroke.

The tangerine is definitely a fruit which combines all the necessary things your body needs. We would love to hear your opinion on tangerines. Till then, enjoy your tangerine.