10 Dangerous Signs Of Alzheimer’s You Must Recognize In Time

We all get worse memory as we get older, but some memory loss Is normal and some is dangerous. If you cannot make a difference, talk with a doctor.

Some memory loss interferes with normal everyday life

This is a common and obvious Alzheimer’s sign, something you just heard is forgotten. This means some really important dates, events, asking the same thing all over, memory aides (notes, electronic reminders) or asking for help constantly.

10 Dangerous Signs Of Alzheimer’s You Must Recognize In Time

Hard time solving problems

This means hard time to make a plan and follow it or work with digits and numbers. Also it is hard to follow simple steps and recipes or pay the bills every month. There is a hard time focusing and longer time is needed for such tasks.

Hard time for chores, work or leisure

Daily tasks become problems. They cannot remember some locations and manage budgets or work properly, even cannot remember favorite games.

Confused about place and time

These people forget seasons, passing of time, and track of dates. Also they do not pay attention to things happening at the moment. Or even how they got to some location.

Hard time to cope with visual image and space relations

Some people have also vision problems with this issue. They cannot read well, cannot determine distances or contrast and colors, and also cannot drive well.

Troubles speaking and writing

These patients cannot join a talk with people in groups. In the middle they can stop or have no idea how to repeat something or repeat it too much. Also they have problems with the vocabulary, cannot get a suitable word or mistake names (watch is a hand clock for them).

Losing things and no retracing of steps

They can lose things in strange places and forget to find them. Even their closest people get accused of stealing them.

Bad judgment

These people make bad decisions and are reckless with money and give money away easily. Or even have less hygiene than before.

No work and social events

An Alzheimer’s person can have no hobbies, social gatherings, sports or work, that doesn’t exist for them. They avoid being social all the time.

Changed personality and mood

Their mood and character changes over time. They are more confused, depressed, suspicious or anxious.  At home they are angry and upset and feel insecure with people.

For more info on Alzheimer’s visit the ALZ.org.

Source: balancedlivinglife.com