10 Best Morning Rituals That Enhance the Mind, Metabolism and Body in 5 Minutes

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To be an early bird and effective at the same time is hard.

To wake up and start the day immediately is almost impossible. You either reach for coffee and TV while sitting on the couch or do other things.

Make every morning used as it should be and do many things while others still sleep.

Good habits make the day good as well.

Do these 10 habits rituals daily and have a better life regime:

  1. Internal clock- this clock is in charge of our natural cycles and habits like sleeping and waking up. More or less we all sleep the same due to the melatonin release in the body. That hormone is in charge of the sleep and wake patterns. It rises mostly in the evenings and drops in the mornings. If you sleep more than 9 hours, more melatonin is in the body. Most of the time such supplements are good and safe but still talk with the doctor first.
  2. Wake up with no delay- if the alarm starts buzzing you, do not hit snooze. It is of no use to sleep 5 more minutes. Also, this leads to depression or anxiety.
  3. Stretching- relax the whole organism by morning stretches. Do this daily and be more energetic this way, instead of being sluggish and tight.
  4. Workout- head on for the day with workouts. The morning time is the best for energy boost, everyone can make time for this.
  5. Breakfast is a must – this is the best and most important meal as you know. Eat a lot of iron rich foods and this must be coordinated with your diet regime to prevent anemia and have energy. Eat dark veggies like spinach, peanut butter, beans, eggs, cereals, pasta or bread.
  6. Lemon water- have a glass of this water instead of coffee. More energy, more vitamins, faster metabolism, good digestion and less craving bad foods.
  7. Reading before sleep- away with the electronic gadgets and an hour before bed turn the TV off too. Read a book. Technology is bad before sleeping.
  8. Dress at your best-to wear nice and comfy clothes always works. If you dress fancy, do it to suit your mood.
  9. Meditation and silence- life is hectic and only 5 min daily of these relaxation methods help a lot.
  10. Sleeping changes- never sleep in. get up every day at the same time, even during weekends!

Source: mrhealthguide.com

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