The 10 Amazing Ayurveda Items For Weight Loss

People nowadays really keep track on their weight. Many do it for the looks, and less for the health. Still, it is a good reason anyway to lose weight even for that. We do not have to follow media strictly, but at least we can adjust our habits.

To be fit is really the key for being healthy and attractive. Everyone has different success methods and the natural ones are the best universally.

The 10 Amazing Ayurveda Items For Weight Loss

Do not have yo yo diets or fad crash diets. They bring the weight back and have short term effects.

These are the best items to consider:

  1. Green tea- this one makes you lose fat tissue and give you antioxidants. Also it is thermo genic and means it makes more heat so the body has faster metabolism. Also makes more fat oxidation and burning of it faster. Have maximum 5 cups daily since it also has caffeine.
  2. Hibiscus tea- these flowers are diuretics and this means you will urinate more. Dry their petals on paper. Then soak them in 8 cups water for a day. Strain this and refrigerate.
  3. Ginseng tea- this is traditional in China for energy boost and stamina too. Also for weight loss. Get 4 tbsp dry ginseng and add to 4 cups boiled water. Let it simmer and after an hour strain it. Drink during the day.
  4. Guggul herb-the guggul gum comes from Commiphoramukul and is known like myrrh. It helps with the thyroid work and weight loss. Get 75 mg extract and divide in doses of 25 each.
  5. Grapefruit- this fruit levels the blood sugar and stops metabolic issues. Also it can prevent diabetes. Have a glass of this juice before eating. In the morning, this refreshes the liver.
  6. Prickly pear- this looks like basic pear except is a cactus plant. It was used in tradition for obesity, cholesterol, diabetes…since it lowers the sugar, also bad cholesterol is lowered with it and bowels are improved. Remove its ends and slice in half. Peel it and blend. Then strain and drink the juice. For a glass you need 4 pears.
  7. Yerba mate- this one has mateine in it. Mateine speeds metabolism and gives energy too. Get 1 tbsp yerba in the coffee press. Then add 2 cups hot water and stir. The press helps in infusion and leaves extracting. After 5minutes, strain and drink.
  8. Gurmar leaves- this was known to aid in diabetes, enlarged liver, spleen, obesity and kidney stones. Also it manages the blood sugar and triglycerides, also the high cholesterol. Take 12 g maximum per day or reduce in case of diabetes.
  9. Pu-erh tea- this is from China and soothes the spleen, improves digestion, and removes extra fluids. It also speeds metabolism. Place the leaves in teapot and put hot water. Throw that water and do this 2 times. In the end, add hot water and let it sit before consuming.
  10. Coleus forskohlii- this one is known as Indian coleus, of the mint herbs and is found in Southeast Asia. It is used mostly by vegetarians, but it is great for weight loss since it melts the fat and makes more lean mass. Lifters add this in their regimes.


Do not risk the health. Always check everything before eating or drinking. Never trust the media with the fast result diets. Get healthy foods, and natural herbs it is safer and better. Also, workout!